I’d been hearing We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal for several months and it had been at the very top of my TBR. A fantasy book written by a Muslim author inspired by Arabian culture about assassins and magic and ifrits??? COUNT ME IN.

The story follows two protagonists, Zafira, a fiery seventeen-year-old known as the Hunter, and Nasir, the mysterious, dangerous Prince of Death; an assassin who never let a target escape, his hands steeping in the blood of innocents.

Zafira and Nasir find their path intertwined when they are sent to search for the Jawarat, the key to bring back magic into their world. But their journey is spiked with dark creatures, dangerous magic, and ancient enemies.

No spoilers ahead. I do, however, dive deeper into the following points in my YouTube video. Click here for an extended review and analysis!

While there was nothing I found specifically “bad”, there were few things that came up as I read, so I thought I’d mention them. I’ll also add that none of them truly affected my reading experience, and a lot of this was a matter of preference.

  • The villain comes in a little late, and while the reveal is really exciting and the whole thing pays off very well, it would be nice to have a deeper connection between the antagonist and the protagonists. Don’t get me wrong -there WAS a connection, but everything else in the book set such high standards for me that this is one thing I wished I got more of.
  • The love was slightly insta-love-y, but the author plays it very smart ad avoids the general cons associated with the trope. I do think it’s worth mentioning tho, even if it didn’t break the story for me. In fact, the romance was one of my favorite aspects of the book.
  • The found family trope, while very well executed, was a bit sudden and the camaraderie came a bit out of nowhere.

There are so many!

  • The pacing! This was so well done and made the book so bingeable. Every chapter ended on a brilliant hook and every single one of them were precise and crisp and left my heart hammering with anticipation!
  • The characters! Nasir. Just. Nasir. He’s the male protagonist of my dreams, and if anyone hurts him, I WILL cut them. Every single character felt so real and personal, with added layers of depth which brought them to life and made the story hit all the right emotional notes. Even the side characters are super memorable, and Altair has my heart.
  • The reveals! Nail-biting and heart-stopping. I cannot begin to explain how many times i squealed while reading the book.
  • The romance! I know I mentioned it was a bit insta-lovey but that’s probably because I’m partial to slow-burns. HOWEVER, the romance in the book was VERY smartly done and this raw, passionate type which I absolutely fell in love with.
  • The setting! I’m a sucker for the Arabian setting of the book, and if you’re looking to diversify your bookshelf and your magical faraway lands, this book is the perfect read!

In short, We Hunt The Flame is surely going to end up as one of my favorite reads of the year. It has everything, a sizzling romance, extremely memorable characters, a found family, a stunning setting and some crazy twists and turns. It has the perfect blend of dark adventure and heart-warming moments. I cannot wait for the second book, and this book holds a very special place in my bookshelf and my heart (read the note from the author at the beginning of the book, you guys). It deals with some profound themes of sexism and family, and they were explored in a beautiful and powerful way,

If you want to know more about my thoughts on this book, including a Non-Spoiler Review, a Spoiler Discussion, and Lessons I’ve learned from this book as a writer, check out my YouTube video!

Have you read We Hunt The Flame? Are you planning on reading it? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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