Children’s Books I Loved

Needless to say, someone as big a book lover as I am must have started out early. I don’t exactly remember when I started reading like a fanatic, but my earliest memories of reading include sneaking books into the toilet, reading in the car, reading while eating, stealthily covering up novels with textbooks during study […]

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Immortal Embrace -Mini Review

Hellllo people of the world! It’s time for another book review, because it’s Monday and that’s apparently what I do on Mondays now. Since my tests are going on, it won’t be possible for me to do an in-depth review this time like I normally do, but I will still try to be as insightful […]

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The Gilded King -Fall Reviews

When author Josie Jaffrey wanted reviewers for her new book, “The Gilded King”, I jumped at the offer and I must admit I am glad I started my long list of Fall Reviews with Jaffrey’s first book in the Sovereign series, which is a spin-off to her original Solis Invicti series. Also, love the cover. […]

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